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From Coast To Coast: Regional Stereotypes Across The US

The United States is seen around the world as a huge melting pot of people across a massive 50 states that just don’t always see eye to eye. The global community has its own stereotypes about the land of the brave, but if they were to look

Exploring Seattle’s Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Brimming with culture and numerous entertainment mediums, Seattle, Washington can provide tourists with a wide variety of compelling sightseeing options. The city is comprised of a distinctive downtown area surrounded by dozens of prominent neighborhoods and districts. Within this sprawling urban metropolis resides venerable markets and modern

Going On Vacation: 5 Tips To Help Your Kids Get Ready For Hawaii

Vacations with the family are fun events that are remembered forever. Many parents struggle with finding the best vacation destinations that will suit each and every member of the family. From Disney World to the mountains or beaches, Hawaii is one location that many families only dream