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College in the Caribbean: Benefits from Studying Abroad

Many college students attend a university in their home state, or in some cases in another part of their country. Still others have discovered an exciting additional option: studying abroad. There are many reasons why this option can be very valuable for college students. New Experiences By

From Munich To Heidelberg: Studying Abroad In Germany

The chance to study abroad offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to submerge yourself in a new language, new cultural experiences, and to see a new part of the world. Europe bursts with cities that tempt students with their rich histories of art, literature, religion, philosophy and world-renowned festivities.

Top 10 Things to See and Do During Your Study Abroad Trip in Cologne

When studying abroad, everything from the grocery store to the classroom is a new experience, but there are some more adventurous and culturally specific landmarks to explore for a more holistic and inspiring experience. If you plan on studying abroad in Germany, don’t miss the following must-see/do