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13 Eco-Friendly Ideas Inspired By Jessica Alba’s Sprawling Beverly Hills Home

Jessica Alba is known for playing tough characters like Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four and Max Guevara in the popular James Cameron series Dark Angel back in the 2000s. Alba is not one to let her fame go to waste. She has used her popularity to

Energy Efficient Historic Houses

Most of old or historic houses were built in environmental friendly way. Older houses normally have thick walls, vents and operable windows. People used local materials to build them. If you live in a historic house you probably spend a lot of energy and money heating up

How To Find Restaurants That Meet Green Living Standards

Do you think it’s impossible to find restaurants that meet your needs? Whether you’re concerned about eco-friendly restaurants or want to visit vegan restaurants, there are ways to hunt down restaurants that have the same values as you do. Through a bit of research, you can find