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8 Things To Do Before Going Hiking

If we decide to go for a mountain hike, then you have to prepare very well and in great detail for your trip. We must not overlook any aspect, because any small detail can turn a mountain hike from a very pleasant experience to one filled with

Must-Know Information For Those Going To Peru

Before going to Peru, you first need to decide what type of experience you are looking for.  There are many types of Peruvian adventures ranging from spiritual retreats to breath-taking sight-seeing tours. Experienced travelers may try to weave the experiences together. Geographical Diversity Peru is very geographically

London Travel Experience

Plan your trip before you go: London is very large and very diverse and it is important to plan your trip. You must be clear about where you are staying at least – even though the housing is expensive, there are many possibilities of sharing a flat

Packing for City Breaks this Winter

The popularity of taking a winter city break has grown over recent years as thousands of Brits realise that a holiday doesn’t just mean spending two weeks in the sun. From a day or two away in Paris to a long weekend in Rome, the availability of

How To Become A Certified Rafting Guide

There are many different reasons people become rafting guides.  It is a very rewarding and exciting career opportunity, whether you are looking for adventure, enjoy life in the outdoors, want to keep the rivers safe, or educate the public about river and water resources.  There are a

Top Foods To Try In Krakow For Adventurous Students

Krakow is fast becoming one of the most popular school trip destinations.After a hard day studying its history and visiting the museums and memorials, what better way to relax than trying some of the local fayre! Pierogi – Student Bravery Rating – Depends on the Filling! –

The Spiciest Food Recipes In The World

Looking for the spiciest dish you can make? Maybe you want to warm up in the winter months, or maybe you want to invite your friends over for a dish they will never forget. Maybe you just really like hot, hot foods. Well, here are some of

6 Important Facts About Rental Car Insurance

Rental car insurance is a simple concept, but subject to a wide range of traveler feelings. Some people ignore it as much as possible, some think it is a scam, and others pay for it gladly for the peace of mind that it brings. The goal is

The World’s Best Places For Getting Some Peace Of Mind

If vacation for you means an escape for the mind, you need to look into the world’s best places for getting some peace. These six places offer very different ways to escape the chaos of your every day and find some relaxation in sometimes, unexpected places. Jackson

4 Stress-Free Packing Tips For Your Winter Getaway

Visiting your favourite winter wonderland can be one of the best holidays you take all year, despite the biting cold and black and white landscapes. Vacationing in the cold months can take you up snow-covered mountains or through iced plains, allowing you to ski, snowboard, ice fish,